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Paving the way for high-quality and cost-effective aluminium window blinds profiles for your brand.

Premium Raw Material

Smart material procurement lowers production costs, giving more value for your budget.

Popular Design

Excellent shape and design makes our profiles popular in the market.

Perfect Surface

Stable quality keep with smooth and good surface proformance on the profiles.

Increased Durability

The great manufacturing teniques increase durablity of our profiles.

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Get Most Propular Blinds Profiles for Each Market

We know the most popular window blind and curtain track styles in different markets, and we manufacture these blind and track aluminium profiles with full set components for assembling. Our products will adapt perfectly to your needs.


Greenland Metal has been in the business of producing top-notch and affordable aluminum profiles of window shadings and export to a wide array of industries at factory direct price for over 10years.

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