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One-stop Window Blind Aluminum Profile Factory

As a trusted brand for aluminum profiles, our diverse manufacturing process to produce high quality window coverings profiles are able to catch up with the market change and keep our ceaseless development.

Offer 500+ Popular Blind Profiles or Customized Service

Discover 500+ Moldings

500+ most popular pre-designed moldings in our product library, product range from roller blinds, day & night blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, sliding curtain track, motorized curtain track, roller shutter, awning rails, window profiles and more.

Excellent selection of window blinds and shades aluminium profiles guarantee that you can find suitable products from it.

Prompt Custom Moldings Service

We can extrude any profiles as customization. Steps as:

  1. tell us your idea of the design
  2. we send you drawing in 1 day
  3. confirm drawings and mold cost
  4. open mould in 7days
  5. test mould in 2 days & get the sample
  6. confirm sample & go ahead to mass production
design and tooling

We Supply

All Components

You Need For Blinds

Still sourcing accessories separately? Still worried about the suitability of fittings and aluminium tracks?

In Greenland Metal, we help you do all these work!

We have stable and complete supply chain of accessories, able to offer you a wide range of accessories to match our tracks, releasing you from the complex sourcing!

Value-added Surface Treatment

We take great pride in being able to do all kinds of surface treatment in our workshops by using advanced facilities.

color range

Tell us your requirements on profile surface and color by provide RAL number or physical color samples, we can make the exact same color.

Proper Packaging for Ocean Shipment

We believe that proper packaging is important. 90% of our export aluminium profiles is 5.8m or even 7m long.

How to ensure that long profiles remain intact when it arrives at your warehouse after lorry transport, ocean shipment, load & upload several times?

That’s what you can expect for our packaging.

  1. Effectivly protect our profiles
  2. Saves space to save shipping costs
  3. Comstom packing for your brand

each pc seperate by foam sponge

Foam sponge is the most common inside packing way, your profile can be easy stacking and protected well.

poly bag 2_副本
each piece in polybag

Polybag is also common in inside packing, you can extract single piece when using, no need to unpack the whole bundle.

each piece with protective film

Protective film is thin but strong enough to protect the decorative surface, easy to unwrap and reduce damageand.

shrink wrapping

The most economical and practical way of packaging to protect your profiles.

carton box

You won’t reject cardboard packaging, which can be printed with your logo.

plywood pallet

Pallet is good for the LCL shipment, ensure your goods won’t be damaged.

Quality Is Always Our First Priority

Product quality is the basis of our company’s survival and development, therefore we always pay close attention to quality part.

We have strict quality inspection standards, which cover raw material test, dimension inspection, surface inspection, color check, weight check, packaging check, etc.

Raw Material Test

We select premium raw materials and do the component test to ensure material reach standard. Most aluminum alloy tpye we are using is 6061 & 6063.

Dimension Inspection

Based on the dimensions and tolerances required on your drawing, we will measure the wall thickness, weight, size and curvature of the profile.

Surface Inspection

We evaluate the quality of profile surface including coating thickness and evenness, film thickness, surface reflectivity, surface smoothness and more.

Color Check

Before mass production, we will adjust the colour to your requirements and strictly control the colour difference.

Weight Check

Use sophisticated wagon balance to test to prove the profile weight is within the weight tolerance required by the drawing.

Packaging Check

Test to ensure each package is proper and intact before shipment to facilitate loading and unloading.

Need Custom Window Blind Profiles?

10 years aluminum manufacturing experience

Lead time in 10 days for new Moulds

Free sample available for checking

Prompt response winthin 1 hour


Greenland Metal has been in the business of producing top-notch and affordable aluminum profiles of window shadings and export to a wide array of industries at factory direct price for over 10years.

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